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Sunday, February 25, 2007

JSR-311 Java API for REST approved ballot after a Mixed reactions from developers:

JSR proposal

JCP formed a JSR expert group to publish an API for RESTful services. JSR-311 is in ballot review period in this month (till Feb 26). Software companies like Apache, BEA, Google,JBoss and Sun Microsystems are on the board. Individuals like Jerom Louvel (RESTlet framework) and Douge Lea are also on board of it. However, according to others, Roy Fielding whose dissertations documented the REST pattern, seems to be unhappy about Sun using REST as a name.

According to this request, this JSR intends to provide a high level easy to use API for developers to write RESTful web services that would run on top of the Java EE or the Java SE platforms. The JSR would provide API with declarative style of programming using annotations for developers. It would also enable low level access in cases where needed by the application.

Sun's lead on this specification, Marc Hadley, outlined following conceptual model:
public class Widget {

public Representation getWidget(@UriParam("widgetid") String id) {
String replyStr = getWidgetAsXml(id);
return new StringRepresentation(replyStr,

public void updateWidget(@UriParam("widgetid") String id,
Representation update) {
updateWidgetFromXml(id, update);

public Date getChangeDate(@UriParam("widgetid") String id) {
return getLastChanged(id);

Interestingly, the JSR furthers states " The specification will define
how RESTful services are deployed as JAX-WS (Java API for XML Web
Services) endpoints or Servlets." The API will be packaged as
I assume there could be WSDL representation of this using HTTP binding type defined in WSDL1.1 where
get,put, post etc can be captured as "verb" e.g. http:binding verb="GET

While REST based services may fit into a broader definition of webservices, a SOAP centric RPC styled
definition of Webservices is not suitable for RESTful services. Following page
compares SOAP and REST.

Anyway, a comment suggesting a direction of using JAX-WS and a reference to "DL based on annotations" has stirred the developers
community. Particularly on a background where WS vs REST battle is still not yet completely

W3Consortium has published a presentation on reconciling Webservices and REST.

(Unofficial)Develoeprs Polls at as of Feb 25th
Approve 126 34%
Disapprove 67 17%
no opinion 99 25%
wait and see 95 24%
other 7

Latest News: The JSR
The Executive Committee for SE/EE has approved this ballot.

The next (tentative schedule)schedule:
February 2007 Expert group formed
June 2007 First expert draft
August 2007 Early Draft review
November 2007 Public Review
January 2008
Proposed final draft
March 2008
Final release.

1. JSR-311:
2. JAX-WS:
3. Restlest API:
4. Marc Hadley
5. W3c on WS and REST:
6. SOAP and REST:

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  • Update on JSR 2007.04.05:
    The title of the JSR was changed from 'JavaTM API for RESTful Web Services' to 'JAX-RS: The JavaTM API for RESTful Web Services'.

    (Note that I had commented about an objection of using the name)

    By Blogger Khanderao, at 6:07 PM  

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