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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Quick Summary of Business Events Support in SOA As11

Oracle's SOA Suite AS11 is a rendezvous of SOA and EDA models. The EDA functionality is served by Business Events Framework (called Event Delivery Network EDN) and Complex Event Process (CEP) are two main components.

EDN: EDN supports a loosely coupled event pub-sub model. From another J2EE server, a publisher can publish the events either programmatically using Java API from a J2EE container or declaratively via ADFbc Entity Objects. These events can be subscribed by zero or more mediator(s) or bpel(s). Both Mediator and BPEL can publish events too. EDN's event pub-sub model supports m:n relations. EDN has been implemented on top of JMS. It supports delivery policies like AtLeastOnce, OneAndOnlyOne, and ExactlyOnce.

EDL: Events are described using EDL (Event Description Language). Each event has a event name as QName and event payload as a xml element. Events carry properties, headers and a payload in runtime.

SCA: We have also made events as a first-class-citizen of SCA. In SCA composite, event publishing and subscribing can be specified.

Subscription: Event subscriptions are defined with event name and (optionally) Xpath based condition filter. While multiple components from one or more composites can subscribe an event, there can be only one subscription per subscribing component.

Testing: You can fire a test event using SOA console in Enterprise Manager (EM)

Monitoring: Events can be monitored by SOA console in EM or http://soaserver:port/soa-infra/events/edn-db-log.html

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