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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Larry, Fusion Apps, and SOA Middleware Technology

At Oracle Open World 2010, Larry Ellison glowingly referred Oracle Fusion Apps (OFA) in his eagerly watched keynote as the largest engineering project of Oracle in the recent times. He covered some important aspects of the Oracle Fusion Apps. He said that it is the first ERP Application completely based on standards. While terming it as "Never done before", he specifically mentioned BPEL! He mentioned that the Fusion Apps is all about Intelligence and not just process automation. Per Larry, the Fusion Apps has wonderful web 2.0 based easy to use UI and search capabilities. Most importantly, he specifically mentioned that the Fusion Applications is based on SOA technology. In fact, this was on his slide deck. All of us who worked on SOA - BPM stack must have been proud to hear Larry saying that.

At the end of his keynpte, Larry invited Steve Miranda, In-charge of Fusion Apps, to demonstrated the Fusion Apps. you must have seen the Work List apps and might have immediately recognized the SOA suite serving the business process. After an intense work for years, hearing such great comments is a rejuvenating memorable moment of all of us who worked on the product as well as helped to happen the Fusion Apps!


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