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Friday, March 30, 2007

A mashups time? Welcome to Enterprise Mashup world

With the emergence of Web2.0 in general and explosion using Google Maps, mashup became a buzzword in web community. A mashup is a web or serverside application that combines information from various sources so that it can me enriched and presented in a meaningful way. In last couple years developers developed almost two thousand mashups for different application space like maps, real estates, video, sports, news, shopping, photo using APIs provide by well known companies like Google, Yahoo, ebay, Amazon, etc. Emergence of Ajax also helped innovations to emerge with fancy applications. Mashups are now finding place in commercial applications too. A recent example is Salesforce announcing a mashup support in analytical dashboards in upcoming W07 release.

Depending upon where mashups take place, one can classify them as client or server side mashups. Oracle’s WebCenter is in the first category based on portal standards while QEDWiki from IBM is in later.

Many free as well as commercial and online as well as development tools are coming up so that mashups can be easily built. Some of them are listed here:

Above All







Rex from Nexaweb

QEDWiki from IBM

Many startups also rushing in to cash on this coming up with their products based on mashups. We should see more innovation and hits&miss in this field.

Anyway, if you come across good mashup tools let me know.


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