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Friday, June 08, 2007

BEA too entered in CEP market ..

A report from Gartner had listed CEP in a list of rising technologies in their Hype Cycle. Per Gartner, CEP is important to give a competitive advantage in 2007 and it will be "requirement" in 2008. However, per Gartner, it would take a few years to mature the technology. Currently there are different players in the market ranging from niche vendors to one-shop vendors. Oracle, Apama(Progress), IBM, Tibco, Streambase, Coral8, Apsoft, KnowNow, are few to mention. Additionally, there are open source solutions like Esper and academic projects in various universities. Last week BEA too announced a first beta of CEP. It is an indication of growing interest in the field. More vendors entering into the market is generally better for maturity of the field. A standardization of language like CQL would be an important step towards achieving the maturity.


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