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Thursday, July 12, 2007

JSR-316 for J2EE and its direction about SCA, JBI and OSGI

Last week I was on vacation so missed the news on J2EE 6.0 As I noted earlier, JSR-313 was filled in March for J2EE6. Due to licensing disputes, it was withdrawn. The same JSR has been re-submitted as JSR-316 with very little changes but definitely changing the licensing section (removing some statements like “no changes in licensing” etc etc). May be it would help to get approval vote from other main vendors. From SOA and integration technologies, a direction about WS, SCA, JBI, and OSGI needs to be noted.

JSR-316 and SCA

SCA ( has taken a great momentum in SOA world to provide a uniform assembly model for composing services based application. It is now submitted to OASIS for standardization. J2EE 6 also noted the momentum. However, currently there is this JSR is not yet committed to it. Here are SCA related comments from this JSR:

“The Service Component Architecture is defining facilities that could be used by composite applications in a SOA environment. This expert group will consider whether any of the SCA-defined facilities are appropriate for inclusion in this release of the Java EE platform.”

JSR-316 and OSGI

Peter Kriens from OSGI already expressed his displeasure about non inclusion of OSGI specs (via JSR 291) . The only comment related to modules are in the context of JSR-277.

“To better support the extensibility goals of the platform it would be useful to have a more general concept of modules. Such work is underway in JSR-277 - Java Module System, which is targeted for Java SE 7. We anticipate that Java EE 7 will build on that technology and thus we will defer specification of any potentially conflicting technology to a future release.”

JSR-316 and JBI

While JBI 1.0’s JSR-208 is on a deferred list, there is no word on JBI 2.0 ‘s JSR-312. If JSR-312 completes as per schedule, it would be ahead of JSR-316. Just like J2EE’s JSR-316, JBI2.0’s JSR-312 also trying to accommodate SCA and some concepts from OSGI. May be the efforts could not same or joined. BTW as I noted earlier, major software vendors in Java Application Server vendors are not yet supporting JBI2.0

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