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Friday, January 25, 2008

Migration of Oracle's ESB from 10.1.3x to 11

With the announcement of Oracle SOA Suite AS11 aka Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW), many folks asked about the future of ESB 10.1.3.

ESB typically provides an infrastructure for standards based integration between systems supporting different protocols. At the heart of a ESB is a routing engine and a bus. On the edges it would have adapters supporting various protocols. Such framework supports policies like securities and provides a runtime visibility via a console. The FMW AS11 does exactly same and much modular way as.

FMW AS11 does all of these and more! And it is based on emerging Service Component Architecture(SCA). SCA provides a much missing standard for ESB to assemble components- services interacting together.

In Oracle Middleware version 10.1.3, ESB and BPEL are separate runtime. With FMW AS11, BPEL and Routing Service of ESB are service engines in a much modular architecture architecture based on SCA. Mediator is a new incarnation of ESB's routing service with a lot many new functionalities. Since the basic UI of the routing service is same as 10.1.3, those who are using ESB 10.1.3 you would be instantly be able to use it.

In addition to ESB 10.1.3 functionalities, you would be pleasantly surprised to see many new features that I could get added while re-architecting ESB on a new SCA based architecture.

Here are few of them:
1. Supporting Events natively: FMW now supports both Service and Event paradigms. Mediator is a rendezvous of both service and events.
2. Mediator supports more MEP patterns including dearly missing Async Request Response.
3. Mediator supports multi-part messaging and rpc/doc style
4. Mediator provides Schematron based custom validation framework
5. Mediator provides a rules based dynamic routing framework
6. Mediator provides a better fault handling and fault policies
and more such functionalities.

Though mediator's model has been changed, you can migrate 10.1.3 project easily in AS11 by opening them in JDeveloper.

Essentially, ESB in FMW AS11 would be Mediator + SCA based service Infrastructure + Events + Policy Framework + Adapters along with common infrastructure components like MDS(Meta Data service) etc.

Following picture (presented during OOW'2007) is the best way to represent ESB and SOA suite in AS11.

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