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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ready, Set and Go with Oracle SOA Suite AS11

We are all excited to announce preview of AS11. It comes with an easy to install and configure Jdeveloper that embeds the SOA Runtime server. With this you can immediately setup and try using the rich functionality of this suite. The SOA suite is based on SCA Assembly model. In addition to standard BPEL component type in SCA, we are introducing other key integration components like Mediator, Business Rule(Decision Service), and Human Task Service/ Workflow. Here is a presentation giving overview of SOA Suite AS11 that I co-delivered along with Demed Lher at Oracle Open World 2007 at San Francisco. Following slide from the presentation would give you an idea of various modules serving rich integration functionalities.

The SOA suite AS11 provides a complete integration of all the integration technologies with a single Design time, Single Metadata Repository, Single Runtime and Single Monitoring. You can use user-friendly graphical composite editor which would allow to drag and drop components like BPEL, mediator etc. Such composite can be deployed using JSR-88 based packaging and deployment framework. The deployed composites can be tested and monitored using a console. The console can be used for tracking a message hopping various components within the server, run & review unit tests, configure & enforce policies and monitor & administer faults.

Such consistent way to design, deploy, run and monitor integration projects is very important for reducing a cost of ownership. Moreover, all the runtime service engines e.g. BPEL, mediator etc converse with each other using optimized messaging. Well, the SOA suite is not just evolved into a fully integrated SCA based architecture, but each of the component has been enriched with very important and useful functionalities. Additionally, the SOA suite is a rendezvous of service oriented architecture and Event oriented/driven Architecture.

In next few days, whenever time permits, I would expose few important feature through this blog.

Meanwhile, Quickly download the preview version and install following the given install instructions .

After configuring SOA, you can quickly build a sample composite and test it. You can use the step by step instructions added in this sample for the same.

Have fun!

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