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Friday, October 05, 2007

SOA on Grid and relocatable BPEL processes

Dave Chappell, Author of ESB book and SOA Chief Strategist with whom I am privileged to work, and Dave Berry, ESB PM and colleague, jointly published an article covering SOA on Grid a potential next generation to provide a robust, scalable, reliable, high performing and highly available infrastructure for SOA.

It most of the obvious target use cases like:
Large payload
Active-Active clustering
Load Balancing
In memory persistence caching of DB (asynchronous write)
Performance improvement of BPEL PDS - Dehydration (process data/state storage)

But most importantly, the article introduced one important concept, we had brainstormed earlier, that is re-locatable BPEL process to minimize a data serialization. Why bring a large data across a network when a process can itself continue from a node on/closer to the node having data. e.g. Apps adapters.

Certainly doing such agile services would provide a stateful however relocatable services resulting into high performance and high availability.

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