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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

InfoQ: SCA Interview

A recently published interview of SCA TC members by InfoQ covered many debated issues. Most of the issues are already debated outside and many like myself already commented on the same. However, it would be informative to read perspective from SCA drivers (just FYI I am too member of SCA-Assembly, SCA-BPEL and SCA-Binding TC). Some of the important issues discussed in the interview are: SCA and JBI, SCA and WCF, OASIS vs W3C, SCA and J2EE etc.

Here are some excerpts(verbatim from above InfoQ interview):
Technically there is no overlap. SCA can be used on a JBI runtime, but it is also possible to use SCA without JBI and JBI without SCA. JBI is engine-to-engine. ...SCA looks at defining abstract notions of service invocations at design-time.

Windows Communication Framework (WCF) has some of the features of the SCA service component model, but there is no real equivalent of the SCA assembly model for the composition of applications.

SCA works with JEE rather than competing....(however) the context of SOA, or composite applications, there is a need for more facilities and capabilities than JavaEE provides, elements that are beyond the scope of JavaEE....Using SCA, The runtime might still use JMS and one of the JAX SOAP stacks, but their APIs would not be visible to the developer.

SCA-J not being in JCP:
1. SCA as a whole is not a Java specification
2. making liaison between the Java group and the other groups more difficult.
3. It also keeps all the SCA specifications available under one, easy to understand license.
4. the SCA-J team really is looking at how to map language independent notions onto Java

Choice between OASIS and W3C:
OASIS are about business and implementation standards more than W3C.

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