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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My article on BPEL 2.0 in Action

Here is an article co-authored by me on BPEL2.0 in action got recently published in SOA World / SYS-CON. A long time, about a decade, back I used to write at Java Developers Journal. I had covered CORBA and Java application server. Yes...CORBA was supposed to change the whole MiddleWare market. Anyway, after seeing many hype cycles, I would refrain from saying about any technology as world-changing. Anyway, in between there was a long long gap. Got busy in implementing a lot of stuff. ...driving products...etc...

Anyway, this article covers some value added features in BPEL2.0...but it goes a step further to demonstrate some key features like dynamic parallel branches, correlation, out of band /changes events and reflecting to them via compensations.


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