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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is ChromeBook nothing but Larry's old idea of Network Internet Computer?

Google announced ChromeBooks at GoogleIO 2011 conference today with a great fan-far. Definitely it is an idea appropriate to current Web centric world. It seems to be giving right vibes. It's slick, fast to start, connected to web, secured, may be free from viruses, consumes low battery. It is consistent with today's cloud computing. In other word, it is perfect client device for a Cloud Computing world or new web. However, is it a real innovation? Larry had started Network computer concept and had launched a separate company for the same. May be it was ahead of time. Isn't ChromeBook recycled the same idea? Anyway, though it has an innovative subscription model for education and businesses, the cost is higher, 499 for wifi and 599 for wireless. Especially on the background of various efforts going on to introduce slick Netbook at $100. Moreover, at this price, the ChromeBook would get sandwiched between tablets and PCs. Read my detailed blog at:

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