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Thursday, July 16, 2009

SOATips AS11 Moving SOA Projects Prom Dev-test To ProductionP

SOA projects often embed physical addresses of various servers hosting wsdls, xsd s etc. For example, a SOA composite may invoke another service hosted on other box hosting a test environment and may refer xsds on the box. The physical address could be in the composite.xml where bindings and imports could be pointing to wsdls on target servers (which may change)
For example, a reference in composite.xml would be like following:

Whenever the SOA project needs to be deployed on a production environment, these references to test environment needs to be replaced by the appropriate references in the production environment.

This replacement can be done during the deployment time using Configuration Plan. It understands the composite/ wsdl/xsd constructs that may have the concrete address embedded within e.g.

Config plan is a xml file that contains information related to replacing the appropriate strings. The config plan can be generated from composite by right clicking on the composite.xml from jdev.

The plan should associated to soa composite during the deployment time.

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