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Thursday, May 26, 2011

NFC Getting Momentum

The Near Field Communication (NFC) is gaining a momentum. Its usage will be propelled via mobile devices and would give a birth to many fantastic devices and applications.

Last week Apple introduced Retail 2.0 store that effectively used NFC.

To the heels of the Apple, Google took the techbology to the more practical and more wider usage. That is to enable credit card payments via mobile. This morning Google introduced an android App called Wallet. It uses RFID and NFC technology.

The usage of NFC in the Android mobile is going to propel a new set of innovation. Hence let us look at few facts about NFC:

1. Distance: 4 cm or less (may be increased to 20cm)
2. 13.56 Mhz
3. Speed 106Kb/s to 848KB/s
4. Typicall usage: “sharing, pairing, and transaction"
5. Passive or active (2way) communication models
6. Unlike Bluetooth, NFC doesn’t require pairing
7. NFC requires far less power than Bluetooth but its slower.
8. Drawback: not-secure (may be ok because of very short range)

Coming back to Wallet. It should be noted that all the android mobiles would not have NFC technology built in. Also the service provider (shops / retailers) should be have complimentary technology.

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