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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Oracle in Three in One Cloud : PaaS, SaaS, DaaS

After adverse comments last year, Larry Ellison announced that Oracle got into Cloud in a big way. It is significantly different than CRM on Demand. It also adopts different approach than Multi-Tenant Sales Force. Oracle's public Cloud provides: PAAS (Platform As A Service), SaaS (Software As A Service) and Daas (Database As a Service). It has five components:

* Oracle’s Fusion Applications (HCM and CRM) SaaS
* Oracle Fusion Middleware : PaaS
* Oracle Database : DaaS
* Sun Systems, OS, VM : PaaS
* Social Network : SaaS

This announcement puts Oraccle in competition with Amazon, and Salesforce, which are the clear leaders in the public cloud computing space.

Good to see that CRM and HCM are in the pack. Last year I helped CRM and earlier Talent management from HCM in this initiative. This puts Oracle in direct competition with SalesForce, WorkDay and SuccessFactor (on Talent management side).

Oracle also announced Social Network for enterprises. It would allow social networking featers like sharing and following private to enterprises. Does it sound like Salesforce's Chatter? While on the topic of SalesForce, the approach Oracle for most of the component is virtualization based where every customer gets its own pack and not sharing with others as in multi-tenant softwares like SalesForce. This addresses someof the privacy concerns. Enterprises can customize the cloud based Fusion apps by SOA , BPEL, BPM and ADF standards based Fusion Middleware. Oracle's Database as a Service is in competition with similar provision on Amazon.

Oracle also provides Java stack as PaaS in competition with VMWare's CloudFoundry, Redhat's OpenShift and Salesforce's Heroku.

According to Ellison, Oracle’s new public cloud will be available for a monthly subscription and will include resource management and isolation, security, data exchange and integration, self-service sign up, elastic capacity on-demand, virus scanning, and more.

However, pricing and availability is yet to be announced.


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