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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Quick recap on ESB, BPEL and BPM

I came across repeated queries around ESB, BPEL and BPM. Oracle's SOA suite AS11 provide all of these as a comprehensive and well integrated product suite. If someone wants to logical group the components separately to reposition them in these categories then it could be like:

ESB Enterprise Service Bus

Fabric, Mediator, Binding Components, Adapters, MDS, Policy framework and a registry
ESB essential deals with message routing and mediating between different application services. The mediation could be different transport protocols, different handshake protocols, different standards, etc. At the heart of ESB, there is a message router and transformer. ESB can be service oriented or message (in a form of an event) driven. SOA suite AS11 supports both Service and Event patterns.

BPEL Business Process Orchestration

BPEL is a service engine in SOA suite.
BPEL does process orchestration of web services. Oracle's BPEL comes up with Human task service to support workflow patterns. It also uses Oracle's Business Rules to inject dynamic decision points in a process. Though BPEL can implement most of the patterns of ESB (VETRO), it would not be good for light weight bridging between services to implement service virtualization. BPEL's key strengths is in providing a standard language for process execution with key functionalities like: correlating async interactions, providing a flexible flows, compensations for the long running processes, eventHandlers for out of the band interactions, and wait for timeout/wait activitities etc.

BPM Business Process Management
BPA for Business Process Modelling
BPM runtime for BPMN/XPDL (on roadmap after the acquisition)
Human Workflow and Advance Approval Management
BAM Business Activity Monitor for real time dashboard
Rules for dynamic busines
Web Center for Collaboration

Policy Manager

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