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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

NFC and HTML5 emerging as Winners on Mobile

Near Field Communication(NFC) ( for more details read my earlier blog is very useful in very short distance communication ideal for mobile devices. It has got another backer that is from RIM. RIM is bating high on NFC based Apps as its one of the main four focus area (according to its Dev relations VP Saunders).

This week there is another from Adobe. It seems that it is stopping further development on MObile Flash and bating on HTML5 which they should have done it long back after listening to Steve Jobs. Anyway, recently Adobe taking good steps. Adobe has recently acquired Phone Gap which is an opensource for developing HTML5 based hybrid apps of variety of mobile devices like iPhone and Android. We are using it at myBantu. In this case 90% code base is independent of the mobile device. (HTML5 related my blog entry: )

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